First Stop: Medical Brigade to Guatemala!

First Stop: Medical Brigade to Guatemala!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 2: Antigua to Xela

I had awaken from the sunrise this morning. All of my roommates were up and ready to go by 7 when we really didn't need to meet our group until 8. To pass the time we all took pictures on the rooftop. To our surprise we were surrounded by mountains and volcanos. The sight was just beautiful! We headed to the other hotel to meet up with the group and while I was there, I sent out a little Happy Birthday email to my mom. 15 minutes of internet use was 2 Quetzales (25 cents).

Once the group got together I had devoured some wonderful pancakes and awesome pineapple juice--it tasted more like a smoothie because it was frothy. Soon after we were done eating, we were off to the bank to convert our money (7.9 Quetzales to 1 Dollar) and started shopping (bargaining rather)!! After walking nearly the entire city for the 5 hours I had bought so much stuff!!! 3 bracelets, 4 headbands, 2 purses, 1 computer bag, 3 wallets coffee beans, and some "worry people"--all for just $45. What a bargain!

We left Antigua and after nearly 4 hours of hell (due to twisting, winding, and bumpy roads) we arrived to Xela (aka Quetzaltenango) and it was nothing that I had expected! It was so nice! For some reason I thought we would be in the 'slums' of Guatemala, but I was way wrong- I actually got to enjoy a hot shower and the hotel even had air conditioning! Before heading to bed we organized the medications that were brought from Timmy Headquarters in our check-in bags to get ready for the full week of medical clinics!

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